Horses; A Lot Of Animal To Love

Horses are wonderful, but complicated animals. They require a lot of care and attention, which includes feeding, grooming, training and bonding. There’s also the cost to consider; feeding and boarding a horse can be costly, as we mention below.


There should be a designated grooming are for your horse. Use a rubber brush to loosen dirt in the horses’ coat. To avoid injuring the skin, do not use this rubber brush on the horse’s face or legs. A dandy brush can be used to remove dirt from the surface of the horse’s coat. Be sure to use a flicking motion or the dirt will remain on the skin. A body brush can be used to smooth the horse’s hair. Using long and even strokes smooth the horse’s coat; this will keep the coat shiny.


Always provide fresh drinking water in the horse’s trough. The trough must be cleaned on a daily basis and it can be done by hosing it out. If it is cold weather, be sure the water is not frozen. Provide your horse with good quality hay. Horses eat a very large quantity of grass as their main source of food. Horses should consume approximately 15-20 pounds or 1-2% of their total body weight in hay daily. Be certain the hay is dust and mold free. Grain is equally important so provide small amounts each day. Measure the grain so as not to overfeed. Each horse is different with nutritional needs based on activity level. Feedings should be given one before or after riding. It is dangerous to feed immediately after strenuous exercise.


Take time to bond with your horse; hang out and let the horse approach you. Pay attention to the horse’s behavior. Spending time with your horse will help to gain trust. Additionally, you will be able to learn about your horse’s personality. Use positive reinforcement and talk in a low and calm tone.


Though the idea of having a horse of your own is a grand one, keep in mind the cost of owning one. On an average, the cost of a horse for one year is approximately $1,830 per year, but again, this varies from horse to horse. This does not include the initial cost of the horse or boarding costs. Be attentive to what is needed to truly care for your equine in the proper manner. Being able to provide is vital for a long and happy relationship.

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